Let’s Be Honest. I’m An Egg Slut.

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In the great words of Chef @Anthony Bourdain, “I’m an egg slut.” I love eggs — poached, fried, scrambled…although, maybe…

Let’s Be Honest. Faking It And Not Making It.

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…Faking it and not making it…

Let’s Be Honest. My Dog Inspires Me.

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  I enjoy lettering. I always have. During high school, I wrote out my notes in a made-up computer type…

EmptyBambooGirl Comics Website Given a Summer Refresh. Check It Out!

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One side project that I’ve worked on a consistent basis has been my Empty Bamboo Girl comics. As the creator, writer, and artist, it gives me great creative satisfaction. The comic is published every other Friday in the Sampan Newspaper, a local community publication, which definitely helps me to always be putting work out there on a consistent basis.

The other week, I decided that it was high time to re-work the overall design and I needed  the homepage to work much better than previously. There were three key criteria points that had to be met:

  1. The latest comic needed to be featured prominently.
  2. Past comics needed to also be featured.
  3. Blog posts should be highlighted.


I found a freebie WordPress layout called Virtue which did the trick. And, with some minor tweaking, it’s worked out very well — easy to manage with all the important information front and center without being too overwhelming.

I’m certain that I’ll be adding additional pieces in the days to come, but this helps with the refresh of the comic as a whole. A new story line and direction will be unveiled this coming week along with more progress on the print edition anthology of the comics.

It’s going to be a fun and exciting July!